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Friday, April 29, 2011

Simple Weight Losing Techniques & Exercises

Simple Weight Losing Techniques & Exercises

This is for our friends who have gained weight and are not satisfied being overweight.
This is simple for those who have stairs at their home, what you need to do is to inhale deeply from the nose and flatten your belly then hold your breath, do not expand belly while inhaling you have to flatten it and hold breath then climb your stairs, hold your breath for as long as you can then stop and exhale from mouth do not strain yourself, if you can hold breath for 5 seconds it is fine or if more without straining yourself then it’s good, then continue climbing and repeating the breath technique or if you want to climb down after you have reached first floor or second, then climb down repeating the breath technique, do it whenever you use your stairs, also set half an hour from your daily routine for this technique do it on your stairs, for those who do not have stairs do it at your gallery or open area just walk while holding breath and tightening belly, after performing this exercise relax for few minutes then stand straight and slowly bend keeping legs straight try touching your toes repeat it 20 times.

For those who can afford to jog in the morning or evening, then it is extra beneficial for them, jog very slowly in the beginning so as to reserve your strength and slowly built your stamina, do not consider those who are moving faster than yourself they are not your consideration, only you yourself is, jog slowly with uniform pace try to do it for 15 to 20 minutes, with time your speed, stamina shall increase gradually, your body will indicate to you when you can increase your speed without tiring much, do these exercises consistently and daily, consistency and will power is the key to success.

These are the most simple, effective, proven and natural ways for toning yourself and for your health, always adopt natural ways for your health never use drugs for body shaping as these things though attractive and effective temporarily have long lasting side effects which are very dangerous for mental and physical health, if you want to live long and be healthy then always stick to natural ways.
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by HD.

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