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Sunday, April 17, 2011







Following the hype of Wrestle Mania 27 this spring, remembering back the time when I myself was a big wrestling fan or a wrestle maniac, remembering the Golden Age and the great Attitude Era of pro-wrestling, the question is “Does the hype today live up to the expectations of a true wrestle maniac”?

‘Oh ELL Nooo’!

And it has been years after years past ever since, it is no longer as it was back then when Mr. Attitude himself aka Stone Cold launched his era at Wrestle Mania 14 and the wrestling took a whole new interesting turn , back when the Hitman collided with the Showstopper, going further back when the Ultimate Warrior pinned Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship yeah the WWF Championship not the WWE Championship to set it straight, those were the wrestling days for all the wrestle maniacs creating a wrestle maniac after wrestle maniac.

But now the slow decay of the pro-wrestling spirit continues as it turned from a bigshow to almost a lowshow, may be due to the lack of charisma of new wrestlers or most certainly due to pathetic creative department crew, as Austin 3:16 said “he just whipped someone’s”, while McMahon 3:16 may have pissed his pants, but for now HD 3:16 says “I just flipped the truth” for those who can see me, as most of the wrestle maniacs died off while those who survived are left wrestling with the shadows.

By HD.

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