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HD Writers bid thee welcome ! ........................This Blog is for the People and dedicated to all the millions and Billions of the People all around the globe !.......................We shall be discussing with you and reviewing different topics here, different phases and aspects of life, different phenomena which effects us all in this global village be it pop-culture, entertainment or lifestyle.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

You ‘re WrestleMania Moment



You ‘re WrestleMania Moment !

  The Shining Moment of Your Life…!

Austin's shinng moment Have you ever won the royal rumble and went on to win your most coveted prize at a grand stage ?

O yes you have ! We all do have our cherishing moments and for that phase of time you and I are icons in our own high league, remember the moment when you picked 500 pounds of your trouble, pressed it up your shoulders and slammed it down to the mat for good, the moment when you defeated your biggest opponent in a grueling competition and get appreciated, the moment when you chokeslammed your worries twenty feet below or ever have you rockbottomed your way to the top.


Hitman's shining moment Back in the school time when you got a ceremonial prize and everyone applauded you, the time when you won sport competition and get cheered by all, the time when you defeated a long time bully and your friends turned into your fans, the time when you stunned your boss for your due rights, the time when you sacrificed for your loved ones, the time when you reunited with past memories with a huge ovation, the time when you heroically saved someone or something, the time when you won the person of your heart, the time when you became hero for yourself or someone, for that was your WrestleMania Moment, a big applause for all those iconic moments that cemented your legend in the stone of time, as they shall remain in your memory so do embrace them, cherish them and share them.

For those who haven’t won yet, keep on competing in the rumble until you lift your championship title at a grand daddy of them all !

by HD.

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