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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sports Entertainment's All Time Greatest Iconic Wrestlers




Sports Entertainment's All Time Greatest Iconic Wrestlers

by HD





     The Hulkster











The Modern Pro-Wrestling or Sports Entertainment produced many icons over the years, few names even got bigger than the business itself, all these icons and wrestling legends have left their mark on the pro-wrestling itself and the fans all around the globe.

We have seen many great eras of superstars rise and fall during the golden age and the Attitude Era, they provided us with some extra-ordinary moments be it in the ring or anywhere in the jam-packed arenas, these icons have cemented their legends and marked their iconic feats in stone for us to remember.

We are going to count down the top iconic wrestlers who ever laid foot in the squared circle, by analyzing their accomplishments, their success and popularity as wrestlers, their true passion and zeal towards sports entertainment, and by their personas, characters and attitude.






13. Vince McMahon


Vince McMahon Vince is the daddy of the Modern Sports Entertainment and created what we now see on television, now a billionaire Vince has always been a great promoter and a business man, it was his genius that brought pro-wrestling to mainstream and highlight in the 80s and then his WWF (now WWE) boomed to a whole new level. Vince became the greatest villain and heel in the wrestling world, and after the infamous Montreal Screw Job the big boss rivaled Steve Austin in the Attitude Era and also became a mainstream player although he was not a full-time wrestler but he had some great matches with Shane McMahon his son, with Rick Flair, with Hogan, with Triple H. Besides, this old genetic Jack-Hammer has won the Royal Rumble 1999 by tricking Steve Austin and he also won the WWF championship once from Triple H.









12. Mick Foley aka Mankind aka Cactus Jack aka Dude Love


Mankind WWF Champion The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley has given us the most scariest, death-defying and amazing moments during his career. This tough son of gun was fearless and would go through the most dangerous of stunts to please the fans without caring for the pain or his body. Mick Foley became a major player during the Attitude Era in the WWE and rose to the top by having great matches with likes of Steve Austin, Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H and Kane. Mick Foley used to have different gimmicks and performed great in each of them and became WWF champion on multiple occasions. Perhaps the most iconic match of Foley's career was his hell in a cell match with the Undertaker in which Taker threw him twice from the top of the cell but this hardcore son of a gun came back and finished his match.









11. Rick Flair


Ric Flair

The Hall of Famer Nature Boy Rick Flair is one of the all time greats of pro-wrestling. He had a lengthy career and he was one of the most decorated wrestler in the NWA and WCW. This multi time world champion had a celebrated career in each of the big promotions the WWE, WCW and NWA and he had been the top player in all of them.











 10. The Macho Man Randy Savage


WWF Champion Macho Man with Elizabeth

OOoooooh Yeeeeaaah…! The Macho Man or Macho King Randy Savage is one of the all-time greats of the wrestling world. His colorful attires and unique fashion sense during the golden age of wrestling made him very popular specially amongst the ladies, & apart from that he was also a great wrestler who was a multi-time world champion and headlined multiple WrestleManias. During his decorated career this superstar had many top caliber matches which includes his match against Hogan at WrestleMania V, incredible match against Steamboat at WrestleMania III, against Rick Flair at WrestleMania VIII, and an epic battle against the Ultimate Warrior in which he delivered five of his patented top-rope flying elbows and received three of Warrior’s patented flying spears at WrestleMania VII. 









9. John Cena


John Cena WWE Champion John Cena is the current hottest player in the WWE and has been consistently on the roll  for now almost a decade. Regardless of my or any other hardcore wrestlemaniac's opinion this fellow is immensely popular when I truely looked around, be it kids, gals or boys. He is indeed the hero of this new generation and for now the top performer in the WWE. This Cenation Leader was once the master of thugonomics and chain gang leader when his popularity was on the rise, now a multi-time world champion and a fine in-ring performer Cena has cemented his legend in to the annals of the WWE history.










8. Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels HBK WWF champion The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels calls himself the icon, the showstopper, the main event and Mr. WrestleMania and indeed he is. The Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is one of the all time greats of WWE, the rock-star like superstar is one of the few high flying wrestlers who is counted amongst the best. Though infamous for forming Kliq along with other mainstream pro-wrestlers a despicable group involved in much backstage politics in wrestling promotions & having in his account the most pathetic world title victory of all time at "Montreal Screwjob". HBK still had a storied and first class career the haughty & arrogant Michaels in his prime had put up some of the greatest shows ever to be performed in the wrestling ring, he got the charms, the flashy moves, the agility & stamina to keep the amazing show going. He has won the Royal Rumble twice and has performed in many great WrestleMania matches. A truely remarkable athlete with a remarkable wrestling career.










7. The Game Triple H


 The Game Triple H with wife Stephanie McMahon

The Cerebral Assassin Triple H is one of the most cruel wrestler of all time and a big time heal of the wrestling ring. Triple H rose to fame when he was a sidekick of his buddy Shawn Michaels, these two kliq members together were the original D-Generation X, a highly naughty and notorious faction.

Triple H is infamous for being involved in excessive backstage politics even at earlier stages of his career, sticking his BIG NOSE in many affairs and plotting. After all he became the hubby of Stephanie McMahon the so called Billion Dollar Princess and the daughter of Mr. McMahon the big boss himself, in this case he succeeded where some others failed.  Anyway he did proved his worth in the ring by being involved in some of the most intense, bloody and gruesome matches in the history of the WWE in which he even transcended his buddy Michaels and cemented himself as the master of the Hell in a Cell match the most dangerous match of them all. Triple H won the 2002 Royal Rumble and has headlined multiple WrestleManias. Triple H indeed proved himself a top caliber superstar after giving top performance after top performance.










6. The Ultimate Warrior

 A Superhero of wrestling The Ultimate Warrior

 Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior was the most iconic, colorful, intense & energetic wrestler who performed in the WWE back in the golden age of wrestling. He was a prized performer of the Golden Age and shared the spotlight with Hulk Hogan and during his prime his popularity rivaled that of Hulk Hogan. He had many intense main event matches with other great superstars and his match with Hogan at WrestleMania VI is considered the most epic wrestling match of all time. Being the most enigmatic in-ring performer of all time the Ultimate Warrior made such an impact that he left a permanent mark of inspiration in the hearts & minds of many. This superhero of wrestling was truly the definition of the larger than life icon.









5. The Undertaker


The Undertaker the man from the Darkside The Legendary Deadman The Undertaker is the most respected superstar of all time and also one of the greatest wrestler who ever entered in the Sports Entertainment. The Phenom of the Sports Entertainment has been a destructive and an unstoppable force for decades and his legendary WrestleMania victory streak furthered his iconic status. Over decades the Undertaker consistently performed at the top level and his gimmick is the most amusing of them all, he became a personification of intimidation in the wrestling world and won the world title multiple times.









4. Bret "The Hitman" Hart


Hitman Bret Hart The Hitman Bret Hart is the greatest technical wrestler in the modern pro-wrestling. After the end of the Hogan Era at the WWE it was Bret Hart who bear the standard for the WWE, he became immensely popular superstar back in the early and mid nineties and had fans all over the world. A true wrestling champion at heart Bret "The Hitman" Hart gave his all to the WWE and its fans during his classic wrestling career. He was a superior wrestler to all as far as the technical department is considered and was indeed an excellence of execution.

This dignified wrestler was stung by the most worst backstage politics ever which was culminated at the most infamous wrestling event of all time the "Montreal Screw Job", the  plotters ofcourse all the wrestlemaniacs know Vince McMahon, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. This infamous event ended Bret Hart's prestigious wrestling career in a very sad way. But after years putting the agony of past behind his back, Hitman accepted the Hall of Fame offer by the WWE which he rightly deserved.













The Rock Wwf champion



Hollywood Rock The Hollywood Rock or simply Rocky is one of the most popular wrestler ever, he used the WWE as the springboard to Hollywood fair-dom. The Rock rose to popularity during the Attitude Era and rivaled Stone Cold Steve Austin. He evolved his character to more a flashier one, he picked upon Austin's style of vicious punching and fighting and modified into his own version and similarly he came upon with his own cocky and great catch phrases. The Rock's rise to popularity was quick as the Great One became the people's champ and was the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment. The Rock is a multi-talented superstar, being a great athlete plus his mic skills were extra-ordinary hence he became successful in Hollywood and gave entertaining movies unlike Hogan's movies which sucked big time, no other wrestler has made that big as the Rock has made in Hollywood and film industry.














Hulk Hogan WWF Champion




Hollywood Hogan The hall of famer Hulkster Hogan or Hollywood Hogan is arguably the best wrestler of all time. Hulk Hogan the prime player of the golden age of wrestling became the hero of all the wrestling fans though he had very simple moves and his finisher was just a leg drop but back then his great charm of Hulkamania ran wild on all the wrestling fans. He was the first greatest wrestling hero who set the stage for pro-wrestling to develop, he is the first of the two revolutionizers of the Sports Entertainment business and made the WWF (now WWE) a multi-million dollar company back then. During his decorated career Hulk Hogan won the Royal Rumble twice and headlined many WrestleManias including the first one. His global popularity turned him into a shrewd backstage politician. Hogan later left the WWF and joined WCW there he formed the nWo with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall the most notorious group in wrestling history and then took WCW even ahead of the WWF and gave Vince McMahon a lot of trouble until the time WWF was hit by entirely a different breed of revolution.














Stone Cold

Stone Cold, Stone cold, Stone Cold..!!

WHAT? Is Stone Cold the Best Ever What? Yes he is! WHAT? Yes Ofcourse! What? Indeed he is and that's the Bottom Line cause Stone Cold said so..!






Steve Austin 3:16 Austin 3:16 is the ultimate bad azz of modern pro-wrestling and the most flashiest wrestler who ever entered the wrestling ring. There is no one in the business who laced their boots and stepped into the ring as intense as Steve Austin the toughest SOB, he was the first and greatest Anti-hero of the wrestling world who blew jam-packed arena after arena with his intensity and brought a new revolution in the WWE in the late nineties which changed the entire shape of Sports Entertainment the Attitude Era.

Back then at WCW there was Hogan and his nWo comrades which included other great superstars while in WWE there was the One Man army of Stone Cold, the Mr. Attitude aka Stone Cold himself was the standard bearer of the Attitude Era which took WWE ahead of WCW once more until WCW met its demise. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the all time most profitable wrestler for WWE and took the business to whole new level by making WWE a multi-billion dollar company. Besides Austin's true passion and dedication to his work was evident in his performance and awesome gimmick, he was a living and breathing Mr. Attitude and reflected upon his performance, he was in the ring what he was outside the ring. During his flashy and spectacular career in the WWE this hall of famer won the Royal Rumble thrice and headlined multiple WrestleManias and has been the world champion multiple times.






Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Real Power Houses of Modern Prowrestling



The Real Power Houses of Modern Pro-Wrestling

by The Dan Man



This one is interesting as we have seen many popular wrestlers come and go while achieving extra-ordinary physical feats in the ring, be it in WCW or WWE.

These super humans are for real and their physical strength is way beyond average wrestler, their show of strength left the people in awe and amazement and their feats became legend.

But the question is that who is the strongest of them all, obviously there could be stalemates between some but we are going to find out through the in-ring achievements and performance of these monstrous power houses who displayed their raw power and shook arenas.



The Hulkster (Hulk Hogan)


Hogan vs Andre the Giant

The Immortal Hulk Hogan's epic battle with Andre the Giant set the grand stage of WrestleMania III on fire, this was the match which solidified the legend of WrestleMania itself and iconic status of Hulk Hogan.

Though we can see Hogan's not looking that small standing against Andre the Giant but he did slammed the mighty Andre  who weighed atleast over 500 pounds and shook the arena as hulkamania ran wild on WrestleMania III.




The Ultimate Warrior


Ultimate Warrior Vs Hogan

 The Ultimate Warrior was also a very popular wrestler of the golden age of wrestling, back in those days his popularity began to rival that of Hulk Hogan himself. Ultimate Warrior was a bodybuilder and besides his beastly display of strength in the ring he had a tremendous stamina. He gorilla pressed the Hulkster himself and he also slammed Andre the Giant. Warrior clashed with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI, the arena erupted as two mightiest wrestling heroes went on muscle for muscle, after a back and forth battle Warrior emerged as a clean victor.





The Undertaker (The Deadman)


The Undertaker

 The Legendary Undertaker is the most intimidating and scariest wrestler of all time. This near seven footer is very strong as he chokeslammed super duper heavy weights like Yokuzuna, King Mable and Vader, though it weren't full scale chokeslams but still big feats. Besides this he got an extreme level of endurance taking hits after hits and not showing any emotion or pain just like a big zombie, the Undertaker was an unstoppable demon during his prime.




Ahmed Johnson


Ahmed Johnson

The Power House Ahmed Johnson was doing well in the mid and late nineties in the WWF (now WWE), this strong guy slammed Yokuzuna who was billed over six hundred pounds so if not six hundred he could be atleast over five hundred pounds anyway this power house never got to play the big game as he was held back in WWF as well as in WCW.




Lex Luger aka Total Package


Lex Luger vs Yokuzuna Lex Luger was a bodybuilder with an impressive ripped body and tremendous power, he slammed the great super duper heavy weight Yokuzuna on multiple occasions and he had been a major player in WWE and also in WCW as Total Package, though later he got thrashed by the mighty Goldberg but in his prime he was stud of a wrestler.





John Cena

John Cena double FU

Well this fellow is currently on big roll in the WWE and he is the heart favorite of many gals and kids, he is John Cena though lighter than other power houses but surprisingly this guy possess incredible strength as evident when he delivered a double FU at Mania carrying the Bigshow and at the same time Edge on his back that makes it almost 750 pounds, pretty strong haah !!







Dave Batista

The Animal Batista was the man who along with John Cena ran the show after the end of Austin and the Rock's era. This jacked up animal used to have freaky huge muscles and his broad shoulders reminded me of M.Bison a fictional character from the Street Fighter. Batista was on a big roll 5 or 6 years ago he won the rumble eliminating Cena and headlined wrestlemanias, he had intense rivalries and great matches with the likes of Triple H, The Undertaker and the Bigshow. Dave was doing great until he quitted WWE  due to backstage issues, the dirty power politics of WWE had stung many others before including the great Hitman but that was a whole different scenario.







Mark Henry

This rhinoceros of a man with seemingly a very thick skin is billed in the WWE as the world's strongest man, as he had won several strong man competitions. Well now what more can I say, his achievements in the strong man competitions cry out loud while he had also shown his scary strength in the ring on many occasions.   





KANE The Big Red Monster


Kane's Wrath When Kane made his debut at a pay per view event called Badd Blood back in October 1997, he ripped off the Hell in a Cell gate and laid waste to the Undertaker costing him the victory over a bloody and battered Shawn Michaels. The Giant Red Demon emerged from exploding fires as his fiery awesome presence was noted by everyone in the arena who were in awe. Kane shared the same intense threshold for pain as the Undertaker taking hits after hits with chairs and pipes but he rose again and again to crush his nemesis. Back in the late nineties Kane was a destructive and powerful force who laid waste to anyone in his path, he use to double chokeslam two guys at the same time with each of his hands and his thunderous spike tombstone was a disastrous move which was later banned by the WWE. Kane was the man who deserved much more from the WWE but they never gave him, instead they turned his awesome character into a promotional machine for other rising superstars and in some cases undeserving wrestlers while Kane loyally and humbly did whatever the WWE asked him to do, but honestly speaking Kane deserved much more but its too late he has passed his prime time. This big red monster of a man reportedly had been the backstage champion of arm wrestling and has even defeated Brock Lesnar in an arm wrestling match.







Bigshow thrashes Khali Well he is the Bigshow alright and the current largest wrestler being a seven footer and weighing five hundred pounds Bigshow is the elephant of WWE.

Bigshow can topple automobiles and could bring down the Titan Tron and he throws heavyweight wrestlers like rag dolls all around the ring. The gigantic Bigshow possess the strength of a true giant.






BiLL Goldberg


Mighty Goldberg The Man Goooldberrrrg !!! is arguably the strongest wrestler of all time. Goldberg wrecked havoc in WCW and was unstoppable, no one was able to pick clean victory over him back in WCW if I remember correctly. But WCW did exaggerated his hype a bit and presented him as invincible, the great moves of other great wrestlers seem to have no effect on him now come on ! have a little respect for others too. Besides Goldberg shook the arena when he lifted and jack-hammered the five hundred pound Giant aka Bigshow with accuracy and thrashed him, that became the single greatest display of tremendous strength and power in pro-wrestling ring. This Bull of a wrestler possess a super-fit body and super human strength which he displayed on many occasions. 









Big Brock Lesnar Goldberg was considered the strongest until this man the Big Brock Lesnar made his entry into the WWE. This ultimate powerhouse possess demonic strength and power and besides that he has super-tough muscular body and massive stamina and agility. Brock Lesnar quickly rose to the top like no other in the WWE and became the youngest undisputed world champion defeating the Great One The Rock in an epic back and forth match. From then onwards Brock Lesnar rivaled with many great and powerful superstars and his supernatural strength completely dominated all of them. Brock Lesnar was the only man I have ever seen to throw around the Big Show like a rag doll in the ring, delivering suplex after suplex and ofcourse his finisher the F5 tornado, I mean come on it was the Bigshow's role to throw people around, anyway Lesnar did surprised the Bigshow. In short, understanding the usual in-ring performances Brock Lesnar is probably the strongest wrestler.






The Clash of The Strongest

Lesnar & Goldberg locking horns


Well well well !! this could have been easily one of the greatest match ever at WrestleMania XX as both Super strong wrestlers Brock Lesnar and Goldberg were set to go strength for strength but damn it ! it was all ruined due to several factors, the fans were absolutely displeased with both Lesnar and Goldberg and booed them, as they both were departing from the WWE, Lesnar was leaving to pursue a career in NFL and it seemed that the Next Big Thing of the WWE turned into the Next Big Bi*** for the WWE and the fans, the wrestling fans have always been hardcore they wouldn't accept any back turning or rubbish from their superstars, the fans also have a wild history of turning their backs as they turned on Hulk Hogan maybe due to boredom..LOL! but Hogan seized the opportunity and jumped to WCW and turned into one of the greatest heel ever Hollywood Hogan and continued his wrestling career, he was genius. The fans turned on the Hitman but the poor Hitman was later absolutely crippled after the Screw Job! he had no idea and he wasn't able to get up like Hogan did, then the fans turned on the Great One The Rock most probably because he was giving much time to movies and from then onwards the things between the fans and the Rock changed entirely, poor Rock may have got his feelings hurt so for his sake he dumped wrestling and the wrestling fans for good.

Now enough of the love-hate relationship between the fans and the wrestlers and coming back to the topic if things would have been different Lesnar surely would have won the match against Goldberg, as for strength against strength goes Lesnar seemed a little stronger than Goldberg, while locking horns which was for real Goldberg slanted a lot trying to push but to no avail while Brock's position was much more vertical similarly there were other hints in the match. Also Stone Cold should not have been there as the match referee in order to keep the full highlight on the match alone, but sadly the match had to go on in the dumps and as far as Lesnar's decision to leave the WWE was concerned it was his decision alone and no fan or any other person have the right over his life but he himself. Anyway Brock Lesnar is still the star as he is putting up a tremendous show in the UFC and he proved that he is indeed a great athlete with the heart of a real strong fighter.  











Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII: The Rock Vs John Cena Clash of the BuLLs




The Rock Vs John Cena


Clash of the BuLL$


The Rock                                       John Cena Cenation









The Great One Vs Master of Thugonomics


The People Vs Cenation


The Brahma Bull Vs Mr. Hustle Loyalty & Respect



WrestleMania XXVIII The Spring is in the air and it is the time of the year when all the wrestling fans or wrestlemaniacs as I would like to call the wrestling fans, all of them anticipate the grand daddy of them all WrestleMania. The mania spreads like a wild fire among the fans when the great battle royal takes place at the annual Royal Rumble. So we are all back now expecting a great show, the last year's WrestleMania was a big disappointment for me it sucked big time with the exception of only couple of matches so what's different this year indeed we all have noticed something is little different as the suckers at the WWE creative department are trying now to improve after suffering a sea of critique from all the wrestlemaniacs.



The Brahma Bull the Rock


The Clash of the Bulls is to take place at this year's WrestleMania, The Two Bulls, The Two Tauriens, The Rock and John Cena are headed for a big clash in a big time promotional match which took a year in the making. Although I cant see a great build-up for this match since The Rock Mr. Hollywood is no longer a regular player at the WWE, but honestly the chemistry of this match is self-explanatory




It's quite obvious The Rock is right, he is a great entertainer, the most electrifying man now in all entertainment and back then at the Attitude Era The Great One, The People's Champ, The Pie Eating, The Eyebrow raising and the Jabroni beating son of a gun was one of the top and coolest in-ring performers of all time. His stylish cool promos is now missed by all the fans who witnessed the Attitude Era as for years the fans are forced to gobble the trash which WWE stubbornly fed them.


John Cena While as far as John Cena goes I believe WWE never tapped into his true potential, they never promoted him in a way people may find him much more amusing and they never had to since they have no competition now, back then when WCW went head to head with WWF (now WWE) each of the brands gets the best out of their top guys. Well John Cena although highly popular mostly amongst kids and gals is still not accepted by many hardcore wrestlemaniacs due to his gimmick, the boos in the arenas follow him everywhere.


From a Master of Thugnomics and Chain Gang leader he turned into a typical nice guy like he is suppose to be Captain America or something, his attitude declined his promos became simpler, well give a break to the people they already had enough of all such heroes. Ofcourse its the WWE that gave him such a gimmick so in short WWE lost it's touch in gimmicks. Anyway John Cena is not a bad wrestler he's got a physique of a wrestler, he is a strong fellow, skilled too, he got some really effective moves, overall a very good wrestler who can put up a great match and he is after all your "Cenation Leader"....LoL


WM X8 Hogan vs Rock As these two superstars of different eras collide at this year's WrestleMania, their match reminds me of WrestleMania X8 when the mighty Hollywood Hulk Hogan of the Golden Age collided with the Brahma Bull The Rock of the Attitude Era at Skydome....



Rock and Hogan

O yeah ! what an epic match that was I remember as Jim Ross would say 'this one is for the ages', now this is the stuff I am talking about the rivalry build-up between The Rock and Hogan was excellent though it was done in short time, as well as the chemistry and what super show they put up together at WrestleMania X8. Hogan returned to WWE as the nWo member a bad boy after a long time and the heat between him and the  fans were overwhelming which ultimately converted into embracement at WrestleMania X8 much to surprise of the Rock his people turned all of a sudden into hulkamaniacs, the magic of WrestleMania took everyone that year.


WrestleMania X8 Rock vs Hogan



Could this year's match between The Rock and John Cena spark up the same magic ?

'ELL Yeah or ELL No'  Whatever the answer maybe


Definitely we'll have to see it ourselves..!



WM XXVIII Rock vs John Cena

So whether The Rock be able to layeth the smackdown on John Cena or he just cant see Cena we'll know for sure but Anyway I am expecting a great wrestling match between these two massively talented wrestlers The ever so Cocky Great One The Rock and his opponent Mr.Nice Guy the Cenation Leader John Cena.




Hell in a Cell Undertaker Vs HBK Besides this match the card is far better and interesting this year.....What about the Hell in a Cell match between two masters of this particular match The Undertaker and HHH though they both have passed their prime........ but they both had a wild history of Hell in a Cell matches and to add twist to the match Mr.WrestleMania the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee for the match will Michaels be just or will he side with his best buddy HHH or is it that he has entirely different things going on in his head we'llHell in a Cell HHH Vs HBK see.









CM Punk against Chris Jericho is also expected to be a great show, both guys are tremendous athletes and CM Punk is now ever so popular, as Cole would say 'this is the greatest match in the HISTORY OF THE WWE'.. what a fool Cole is ! he dubs every other good match the same.

 CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho at WMXXVIII


Anyway Let's see what tricks they have in store for us at this year's WrestleMania XXVIII and who's going to be made a BIG FOOL out of...!




Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gladiator: Top Movie Review




Gladiator: Top Movie Review

By Jesper Joergensen



Gladiator Movie 



Maximus Decimus Meridius, a powerful act by Russell Crowe, veteran of many top 10 movies, was a General in the army of ageing Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and had saved the Rome from many barbarous attacks. Emperor Marcus on his death bed wishes that an appointed Senate should rule the empire and till that time Maximus should keep Russell Crowe as General Maximusthe reigns of the empire in his hands. Commodus, enacted on screen by Joaquin Phoenix, star of many top rated movies, Marcus's son kills his father on learning this and on assuming charge of the empire orders that Maximus and his family be executed. Maximus is betrayed by his friend Quintus and is arrested but somehow escapes only to find that he got late in saving his wife and son. An unconscious Maximus is taken by slave traders to Zucchabar, in North Africa, where Proximo, a slave trader buys him and makes him a gladiator. There he befriends two gladiators, Juba, well portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, star of many top movies, from Numidia and Hagen from Germania. Juba is a gentle soul and assures Maximus that he shall meet his family after death.



Maximus as Gladiator Maximus grows in stature as a gladiator and he is invited for fights at the Colosseum in the city of Rome where he again confronts Commodus. He opens the event by skillfully leading his men and defeating the opponent. Commodus wants him to be killed upon knowing his true identity but is advised against it looking at his immense popularity with the crowds. Commodus orders him to fight Tigris of Gaul the undefeated champion gladiator of Rome. Maximus defeats Tigris but spares his life. After the fights Maximus learns from Cicero, his once faithful servant, that the soldiers who were led by Maximus in battles were still loyal to him. Maximus plans to overthrow Commodus and form a senate to rule the empire, for which he gets the support of Commodus's sister Lucilla who has always loved Maximus, well played by Connie Nielsen, the charming face of many top rated movies. But Commodus suspecting his sister threatens to kill her son and gets to know of Maximus's plan. Finding no other way to stop Maximus from being a hero in the eyes of the people, he challenges him to a fight unto death in the Colosseum.


Maximus combating Tigris in Gladiator Arena




Commodus confronting Maximus before their final battle Before entering the arena, Commodus meets Maximus and stabs him with a hidden stiletto. In the ensuing fight both the warriors are highly wounded and Commodus loses his sword. Attempting to kill Maximus with the stiletto he is slain by Maximus with the same stiletto. Before dying Commodus honors his father's last wishes and orders that a senate be formed to rule the empire and slavery be abolished. Maximus dies in Lucilla's arms and re-unites with his dead wife and son.

Ridley Scott, director of many top movies, the master story teller and director of par excellence historical films, performs another magic on the screen, extracting excellent performances from his actors like a juicer extracting juice from the fruits. The sweetness of his films comes from this quality of his, not that he doesn't have other cinematic qualities. He knows how to narrate a story on screen - he knows how to keep his viewers glued to their seats and savor every drop of the blissful elixir of enjoyment he serves them with the finesse worthy of him.




Maximus dueling with Emperor of Rome


PS: Count this masterpiece amongst one of the greatest epics ever came to the screen with tremendous drama, action and brilliant performance by Oscar Winner Russell Crowe who is a class act on the big screen. The movie Gladiator explores the life and struggle of one man known as Maximus Decimus Meridius a simple but an honorable and dignified man who served as the general in the Roman army of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Maximus was emperor's greatest asset as he is the bravest most able general and very loyal soldier.

Soon politics and jealousy came into play and the great general was reduced to nothing but a mere slave who became a gladiator and then challenged the might of the new bratty emperor Commodus the sadistic son of Marcus Aurelius. Commodus and Maximus were completely opposite of each other in characteristics while Maximus was an honorable and disciplined man with his own righteous code of conduct which can easily win the hearts of sound people such as Emperor Marcus himself and his daughter Lucilla who use to love Maximus from the beginning but Maximus out of righteousness and dignity defied the love of the princess.

While Commodus on the other hand was an arrogant power-hungry brat of a prince and sadistic and disgusting enough to kill his own father for the throne and lust over her own sister Lucilla.  The story unfolds as once again the heroic and now popular gladiator Maximus and Emperor Commodus collides at the colossal Roman gladiator's arena while the fate of both rested on the approval of people of Rome....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Galactic Politics of Star Wars and Palpatine's Rise to Absolute Power


The Galactic Politics of Star Wars and Palpatine's Rise to Absolute Power

By HD 


Dark Lord Palpatine In an epic universe of Star Wars Palpatine aka Darth Sidious is the supreme bad azz, a classical Super Villain and a purely evil Dark Lord who patiently master minded and engineered his way towards galactic domination.


We usually see villains try to rule the world and all that and they get busted by the heroes before achieving their plans but this genius, cunning and powerful Dark Lord of the Sith ruled the entire galaxy for many years until the forces of light overcame him. Palpatine is such a master of the darkside of the force that he seems to be a personification of the darkside itself, besides his darkside powers he was a brilliant strategist who sets things in motion in order to achieve desired objectives and his manipulation of events and people is masterful. Emperor Palpatine made his first entry in the Star Wars movie 'The Empire Strikes Back' where he was revealed as the master of Darth Vader and in a short scene he contacts Darth Vader to discuss the threat of a young Luke Skywalker an emerging Jedi. It is only in the movie 'Return of the Jedi' we all get to see the awesome dark presence of the evil Emperor Palpatine.


Darth Sidious Palpatine is one of the characters from the Star Wars who has always fascinated me and I was impressed when I first saw him in the 'Return of the Jedi' with all his command and authority and being the master of Darth Vader himself in the original Star Wars Trilogy.  The prequel Star Wars trilogy displayed his character in depth in which he raised himself to power as a Politician and a Sith and signified himself as the epitome of intelligence and power.


Senator Palpatine The Sith and the Jedi were mortal enemies of each other, the Sith Order dedicated to the darkside while Jedi Order to the lightside of the force, the Sith declined due to their own hate and self-destructive tenacities while the Jedi flourished.  It was the legendary Sith Lord called Darth Bane who reformed the Sith Order comprising of only two Sith Lords at a time a master and an apprentice. The Sith Order continued in secrecy until came the time of Palpatine himself. Palpatine learned the darkside of the force from his powerful Sith Master Darth Plagueis and was named Darth Sidious. Palpatine started a political career in quest of gaining power, with his own ingenuity and the darkside of the force at his side Palpatine became a successful politician and later became the senator for his home planet Naboo, once he had access to the Galactic Senate the most powerful political body in the galaxy Palpatine started his devious but extremely effective schemes to change the entire shape of the galactic politics and to destroy the mortal enemies of the Sith the peace keeping force of the galaxy the elite Jedi Knights.


Darth Sidious Palpatine as the shadowy Dark Lord Darth Sidious engineered a political dispute between the powerful Trade Federation and his own planet Naboo, he influenced the Neimoidians of the Trade Federation to invade the planet Naboo and created a crises situation for the Galactic Senate, and taking full advantage of the crisis situation he himself became the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate due to overwhelming sympathy votes. Unbeknownst to the poor and unsuspecting Jedi their Supreme Chancellor now happens to be an unknown, cunning and very powerful Sith Lord. That is the true genius of Palpatine as he is soon to take everything from right under the noses of the Jedi his sworn enemies this makes him a master stratagem.


Palpatine furthered his sophisticated plans to dominate the galaxy by orchestrating with the help of Darth Tyrannus aka Count Dooku a powerful fallen Jedi a full-scale dispute and war between the inter-galactic systems. The Galaxy split into two factions one under Old Republic leaded by Palpatine himself and the other under the Separatists leaded by Count Dooku Palpatine's Sith apprentice, a double game played by the Sith in order to fool the Jedi and diminish their numbers.


Chancellor Palpatine And finally to add insult to the Jedi Order's overwhelming injuries Palpatine also managed to stole away the Chosen One of the Jedi Order the young and fiery Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi never had an idea what is actually about to hit them until it was too late as we saw all the climax in the third prequel 'The Revenge of the Sith'. In the end even the mightiest of the Jedi Master Yoda and Mace Windu were not able to get control of the situation and the Jedi Order's imminent destruction, though individually they put up a brave stand but in the end all was lost and Palpatine's plans came to fruition as he became the Supreme leader of the galaxy and declared himself the Emperor.


Emperor Palpatine With the Jedi brought almost towards extinction Emperor Palpatine with his apprentice Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker ruled over the galaxy, he consolidated his grip over the entire galaxy and appointed local Governors for each sector of the galaxy and built a Death Star a planet sized battle station with the fire power of destroying an entire planet. The Emperor's reign of terror met its end many years later when the Jedi prophecy was finally fulfilled and balance to the force was restored by the Chosen One a fallen hero who was brought back to the lightside by his own flesh and blood his son Luke Skywalker.