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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dragonball Characters by Pablo Piatti



Dragonball Characters

By Pablo Piatti




goku Goku, who is also known as Son Goku, is the main protagonist of the entire Dragon Ball series. Sporting a trademark black and spiky hair and is usually seen donning a red and blur martial arts uniform. Goku is well liked by his viewers for his energetic personality, cheerful and a forgiving nature towards his beaten enemies. Goku first appeared in the first episode of Dragonball where he was seen as a 5 year old boy with a monkey tail and surviving alone in a secluded area.

He has in his possession one of the seven Dragonballs. When all seven of the said Dragonballs are collected, it is said that a Dragon will appear and would grant one wish to anyone who collected the Dragonballs. Goku guarded the ball with his life as he initially thought that the Dragonball that he possesses was his grandfather, who had passed away. His grandfather, Gohan, discovered Goku in a spaceship when he crashed onto earth. Goku comes from another planet deep in space called Planet Vegeta, whose inhabitants there calls themselves a Saiyan. Saiyans are very well known for their fighting capabilities in space as well as conquering other planets.

The reason that Goku crash landed on planet Earth is that he is supposed to conquer planet earth, however that changed when he fall off a cliff in which he inflicted a damage on his head, making him lose his memory. Goku's tail is also not for decorative purposes as Goku will evolve into an Ape like beast with enormous powers during a full moon. Goku once transformed into that beast and unfortunately stepped on his grandfather, which led to his grandfather's demise.

Goku is also seen as a savior of earth in the series and is a major influence to his peers and as the series unfolds, the other characters dependence on him to save them out of tight situations grows.






vegeta Vegeta or sometimes referred to as Prince Vegeta is a fictional character in the Dragonball series. Vegeta is originally a Saiyan warrior and under the command of an inter planetary warlord named Frieza. Vegeta was born on planet Vegeta where he was an offspring of King Vegeta, however an agreement was being made between the king and Frieza that Vegeta was to be taken away as a boy to serve him. The planet was destroyed but Vegeta and three other Saiyans, which includes Goku was spared from that incident.

Vegeta is a proud and arrogant person. He seems to be filled with a large amount of hatred and bitterness which was contributed when he discovered that Frieza had blown away his home planet. His ruthless demeanor would mean that he does not think twice when it comes to taking someone’s life during a battle. In his first appearance, Vegeta was defeated by Goku however his life was spared at the last moment, in which he struggled back into his spaceship and escaped. He made a promise to return to defeat Goku before leaving the planet.

Vegeta is known to be a fierce rival of Goku and his dislike for Goku was shown throughout the series due to the fact that Goku is a better fighter than him. He would never accept the fact that Goku is much better than him as he is the Prince of all Saiyans and claimed that it was his destiny to be the strongest fighter in the universe. In an unexpected turn of event, Vegeta married Bulma and thus his son Trunks was born.

Vegeta's change of character was developed throughout the series. From becoming a carefree ruthless character, Vegeta developed into a caring father towards the end of the series.






gohan Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragonball series. He is the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi, which makes him a half Saiyan. Gohan is named after Goku's grandfather and he made his first appearance in the first episode of the DragonballZ series, whereby Goku brought him to Master Roshi's island during a reunion with Goku's friend. Gohan's initial appearance was seen as a 5 year old monkey tailed boy, just like his father when he was a boy. Although Goku wanted to train him to be a fighter, Chi-Chi has other plans, preferring her son to be a scholar and achieve success in studies instead.

As a boy, Gohan possesses an unlimited amount of power however it can only be seen whenever he is in a moment of rage. At times, his power level could even surpass that of Goku and Vegeta. After Goku's death, Gohan was forced to train under Piccolo, who initially frightened him due to his intimidating appearance, however Gohan soon embraced Piccolo as his own father and acquired his fighting skills from Piccolo. Gohan's character in the series changed as time goes by. His first appearance as a boy followed him to become a man and which he eventually got married.

During his teenage years, Gohan developed an alter ego called "The Great Saiyaman". The idea was first conceived when he felt that he needed to disguise himself after turning Super Saiyan, thus he approached Bulma to invent him a device which would enable him to change clothes at the push of a button.

In the Dragonball series, Gohan plays an important role in the battle against Cell and Buu. During that time, he has mastered the ability to control the limitless amount of power that he possesses and could defeat his enemies at ease.






piccolo Piccolo is a fictional character in the Dragonball series. Piccolo, also known as Piccolo Jr, was born when King Piccolo was defeated by Goku. During his last moments, King Piccolo spat out his last and final egg which contained Piccolo. His initial purpose at Earth is to avenge the death of his father. Piccolo trained alone in preparation for the World Martial Arts Competition, to which he knows that Goku will be competing and that will be his best chance to exact revenge for his father.

As 3 years passed and when Piccolo finally got the chance to fight Goku, he lost the battle however he was spared by Goku at the very last moment. Goku even gave him the Senzu Bean, a bean which could fully restore someone's energy when eaten. After recovering fully, Piccolo flew off but not before telling Goku that he would regret not finishing off Piccolo.

Both Piccolo and Goku had to form an alliance to repel a strong force that has been threatening earth. Eventually, Goku died in the battle. Piccolo took Goku's son Gohan into his custody and trained him to fight after seeing his hidden potential in the earlier fight. Both Piccolo and Gohan developed a strong friendship in the end. In an episode, Piccolo sacrificed his life to save Gohan from a blast from a Saiyan warrior Nappa.

Piccolo's role in the series developed from a fighter to more of a mentor's role to Gohan. He is also a Namek, which he only discovered later on in the series and when he decided to return to the planet to do battle with Frieza, the Planet Namek was blown away by Frieza.

Piccolo, like all his other fellow Namekians on Planet Namek only consumes water to survive. Although he does not require food to survive, he is seen in some episodes eating away.






krillin Krillin is a fictional character in the Dragonball anime series who first emerged in the 3rd issue of the series. Krillin was initially a very fierce rival of Goku, the main character of the series, however he quickly became Goku's best friend as the series unfolded. Krillin is rather short compared to Goku and has a bald head. Apart from his fighting role in the Dragonball Series, Krillin has often been seen giving other characters a laugh even when the going gets tough. Like his martial arts master, Master Roshi, he has a vast amount of interest in beautiful women.

Prior to joining Goku for training under Master Roshi, Krillin served as a monk at the Orin Temple. After being mocked and ridiculed by other monks for his height and lack of fighting capabilities, Krillin decided that it was time to leave the Temple to seek Master Roshi for training and to subsequently prove a point to his Temple peers. Although his fighting abilities pales in comparison to Goku and other characters, it is assumed that Krillin is the the strongest pure blooded human being (save Tien Shinhan if he is a full blooded human but the three eyes tell different story). In a series shown in the Tournament Saga, Krillin was seen beating his competition who is more than twice his size with only his index finger.

In the later part of the series, Krillin eventually ended up marrying an android, No.18, who he wished for the Dragonball to convert No.18 into a human but the Dragon denied so he wished for the removal of the implanted bomb in her body. No.18 subsequently gave birth to her daughter, Marron. Krillin's character evolved from a main character in the early part of the series to a bit part character who is seen motivating others during a battle.

In a nutshell, Krillin is an important character in the Dragon Ball series. He is powerful, loyal, brave and is second only to Goku for being the character with the most appearances in the series.






MasterRoshi Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit, is a fictional character in the Dragonball series. Master Roshi is a very skilled fighter and is the first master to train the Dragonball series hero, Goku. Roshi lives in a tiny island called Kami Island with his 1000 year old friend, the turtle. During his free time, he is always seen sitting by the beach and reading magazines of women clad in bikini. In a moment of excitement especially when involving a woman, Roshi's nose will bleed.

Master Roshi holds the distinction to wield the "Kamehameha" wave, the technique which fascinated little Goku. Goku subsequently copied and perfected the technique to its destructive level. While training both young Krillin and young Goku for the World Martial Arts tournament, he realized that both his students possesses great powers and would easily win the tournament.

Not wanting to win the tournament as he foresee that they are too young to be the best, Roshi disguised himself as Jackie Chun and entered the tournament himself. Master Roshi subsequently won the tournament after defeating Goku in the final match. The Turtle Hermit is often beaten up by Bulma for being a nasty pervert and for his unusual requests from a woman.

Roshi was also seen in his younger days already sporting his trademark sunglasses. His rival is his former partner Master Shen. His role in the series is just being a mentor to Goku and Krillin. Apart from his known fondness in beautiful girls, he spends most of his time in the series lazying around his small island.

It is not known what's the exact age of Master Roshi, however it has been estimated at around 500 years old.






bulmadragonball Bulma is a fictional character in the Dragonball Series. Bulma is known for her flowing green hair and her cranky and temperamental character. She would always be seen in the series making complains and would get extremely grumpy when things go wrong for her. Despite her controversial character, Bulma is very highly intelligent and is good in inventing and repairing electronics. Bulma made her first appearance in the very first episode of Dragonball anime in 1986.


In that particular episode, Bulma was finding for a Dragonball using her self invented Dragonball radar and was driving her car when she accidentally knocked down Goku who was on his way home. Goku, who lives deep in the jungle and have never seen a car mistook the car for a monster and decided to destroy the car. Bulma was amazed of the boy's strength that she decided to bring along Goku in her quest to unite all the seven Dragonballs.

bulma and vegeta Bulma has a power level similar to a human being thus making her a non-fighting character in the series. In the later part of the series, Bulma's role descended from a main to a secondary character. Initially, Bulma was seen to be fond of Yamcha, who is another character of the series, however due to bizarre circumstances, she ended up marrying to Vegeta, in which she subsequently gave birth to a son, Trunks, and later a daughter, Bulla.

It is known that throughout the entire Dragonball series, Bulma has changed her hairstyle about 17 times. Apart from her trademark green hair, Bulma has also been seen in the series sporting a light blue hair.

Bulma is also known to be very fond of strawberries. She is the few characters who appeared in all four of the Dragonball series.


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