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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII: The Rock Vs John Cena Clash of the BuLLs




The Rock Vs John Cena


Clash of the BuLL$


The Rock                                       John Cena Cenation









The Great One Vs Master of Thugonomics


The People Vs Cenation


The Brahma Bull Vs Mr. Hustle Loyalty & Respect



WrestleMania XXVIII The Spring is in the air and it is the time of the year when all the wrestling fans or wrestlemaniacs as I would like to call the wrestling fans, all of them anticipate the grand daddy of them all WrestleMania. The mania spreads like a wild fire among the fans when the great battle royal takes place at the annual Royal Rumble. So we are all back now expecting a great show, the last year's WrestleMania was a big disappointment for me it sucked big time with the exception of only couple of matches so what's different this year indeed we all have noticed something is little different as the suckers at the WWE creative department are trying now to improve after suffering a sea of critique from all the wrestlemaniacs.



The Brahma Bull the Rock


The Clash of the Bulls is to take place at this year's WrestleMania, The Two Bulls, The Two Tauriens, The Rock and John Cena are headed for a big clash in a big time promotional match which took a year in the making. Although I cant see a great build-up for this match since The Rock Mr. Hollywood is no longer a regular player at the WWE, but honestly the chemistry of this match is self-explanatory




It's quite obvious The Rock is right, he is a great entertainer, the most electrifying man now in all entertainment and back then at the Attitude Era The Great One, The People's Champ, The Pie Eating, The Eyebrow raising and the Jabroni beating son of a gun was one of the top and coolest in-ring performers of all time. His stylish cool promos is now missed by all the fans who witnessed the Attitude Era as for years the fans are forced to gobble the trash which WWE stubbornly fed them.


John Cena While as far as John Cena goes I believe WWE never tapped into his true potential, they never promoted him in a way people may find him much more amusing and they never had to since they have no competition now, back then when WCW went head to head with WWF (now WWE) each of the brands gets the best out of their top guys. Well John Cena although highly popular mostly amongst kids and gals is still not accepted by many hardcore wrestlemaniacs due to his gimmick, the boos in the arenas follow him everywhere.


From a Master of Thugnomics and Chain Gang leader he turned into a typical nice guy like he is suppose to be Captain America or something, his attitude declined his promos became simpler, well give a break to the people they already had enough of all such heroes. Ofcourse its the WWE that gave him such a gimmick so in short WWE lost it's touch in gimmicks. Anyway John Cena is not a bad wrestler he's got a physique of a wrestler, he is a strong fellow, skilled too, he got some really effective moves, overall a very good wrestler who can put up a great match and he is after all your "Cenation Leader"....LoL


WM X8 Hogan vs Rock As these two superstars of different eras collide at this year's WrestleMania, their match reminds me of WrestleMania X8 when the mighty Hollywood Hulk Hogan of the Golden Age collided with the Brahma Bull The Rock of the Attitude Era at Skydome....



Rock and Hogan

O yeah ! what an epic match that was I remember as Jim Ross would say 'this one is for the ages', now this is the stuff I am talking about the rivalry build-up between The Rock and Hogan was excellent though it was done in short time, as well as the chemistry and what super show they put up together at WrestleMania X8. Hogan returned to WWE as the nWo member a bad boy after a long time and the heat between him and the  fans were overwhelming which ultimately converted into embracement at WrestleMania X8 much to surprise of the Rock his people turned all of a sudden into hulkamaniacs, the magic of WrestleMania took everyone that year.


WrestleMania X8 Rock vs Hogan



Could this year's match between The Rock and John Cena spark up the same magic ?

'ELL Yeah or ELL No'  Whatever the answer maybe


Definitely we'll have to see it ourselves..!



WM XXVIII Rock vs John Cena

So whether The Rock be able to layeth the smackdown on John Cena or he just cant see Cena we'll know for sure but Anyway I am expecting a great wrestling match between these two massively talented wrestlers The ever so Cocky Great One The Rock and his opponent Mr.Nice Guy the Cenation Leader John Cena.




Hell in a Cell Undertaker Vs HBK Besides this match the card is far better and interesting this year.....What about the Hell in a Cell match between two masters of this particular match The Undertaker and HHH though they both have passed their prime........ but they both had a wild history of Hell in a Cell matches and to add twist to the match Mr.WrestleMania the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee for the match will Michaels be just or will he side with his best buddy HHH or is it that he has entirely different things going on in his head we'llHell in a Cell HHH Vs HBK see.









CM Punk against Chris Jericho is also expected to be a great show, both guys are tremendous athletes and CM Punk is now ever so popular, as Cole would say 'this is the greatest match in the HISTORY OF THE WWE'.. what a fool Cole is ! he dubs every other good match the same.

 CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho at WMXXVIII


Anyway Let's see what tricks they have in store for us at this year's WrestleMania XXVIII and who's going to be made a BIG FOOL out of...!




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