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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Timeless Story - The Lake House




A Timeless Story - The Lake House

Movie Review


By Pamela Beard




One of the most romantic films ever shown in the big screen-The Lake House tells the tale of two individuals, from different timelines, that develops a deep friendship with only a mailbox as their means of staying connected.



The Lake House Movie



It has been years since they first co-starred in the action packed 1994 movie Speed. Back then was a picture of the fast driving Sandra Bullock and a cool crisp talking good-looking cop Keanu Reeves. Though the chemistry was great, Keanu never reprised his role in Speed 2. In this 2006 film remake of the Korean romantic drama, Mare (2000), these two Hollywood stars teams-up again as Alex Wyler and Kate Forster.

There goes the sigh and the day dreaming of someone who loves you even from a distance. In the film, Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Kate Forster, a tenant of the lake house who is about to move to a new address in Chicago. She leaves a message to the new tenant asking to deliver any mails in her name to her new address.


Lake House Reeves Keanu Reeves plays Alex Wyler, a talented yet frustrated architect who buys the Lake House, which is originally built by his father. As he arrives in the Lake house, he discovers the note from Kate. In the message, she wrote about a box and the paw prints on the walkway leading in the house. Seeing no prints or box, he writes her back stating that the house was unoccupied, that before he came, and that there was none of the things she claimed in her letter. It was not until two days later that Alex thought about Kate's note as a stray dog stepped on paint and left paw prints on the walkway. Meanwhile, upon receiving the message, Kate thought of Alex's note as a joke and asks the day for argument's sake. He then answers her of the day like that of Kate but of a different year-two years earlier.


lakehouse sandra Alex goes for a tenant background check on Kate trying to locate the address she left as to where to deliver her mails in case they were delivered to the Lake House. He then found a building of a luxury apartment under construction with an 18 months deadline to meet ahead.

With the tenant background check and the other events that happened, Kate and Alex finally disclose the fact that, though weird as it may, they are living in different timeline. They are two years apart as Alex lives in the year 2004 while Kate lives in 2006. Moreover, with that starts a love story that tries to defy even time.


Lake House 2006 romantic movie


Romantic in every way, the story of Alex and Kate is one for that DVD collection. It is as heartwarming as any romantic film as they try to meet each other and save each other's lives. This one movie cannot easily forget even with the passing of time.

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