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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Legend of a Sir Knight: Epic Tale of Sir Daniel Fortesque




Sir Daniel Fortesque


The Legend of a Sir Knight: Epic Tale of Sir Daniel Fortesque

by HD


Kingdom of Gallowmere


In the MediEvil Ages of the world in parts unknown of Europe most possibly in modern-day England itself there existed a kingdom called Gallowmere, a fertile & beautiful land abided by simple and nice people ruled over by a kind and extremely good king named Peregrin.


It was in this beautiful kingdom the legend of Sir Daniel Fortesque began. Daniel Fortesque a young and talented knight in the court of King Peregrin was considered a mighty hero of the kingdom, a slayer of demons and dragons and a man with the strength & valor of an army of thousand men, Dan got it all the looks, the face, the physique and the charms but was he in reality a skilled and mighty a hero as believed to be . . .




The reality turned out to be different as if it has been moulded purposefully to achieve fame, glory & power, Daniel Fortesque infact during his days as King’s right hand man and military leader was just a great talker, storyteller and an actor just like any other modern-day popular Hollywood actor or actress whose fame is hollow  and false by all means of natural laws and truth, the  actors never do anything heroic in reality but only acts,  Hey ! Dont blame me if i pissed you moronic fans i am just an actor not your hero fools now begone ! portrays and entertains people just like a joker in a  king’s court or clowns at a circus or a trickster at a magic show. Such hollow figures are moronically idolized by commoners and public to levels of hero or even deity ridiculously without knowing or realizing the real person behind the veil of false fame be that person disgusting or evil, cruel or sadistic, lame or pathetic. Such is the magic of charm . . .





Similarly Dan’s case was alike with his heroic tales of glory he charmed the simple people of Gallowmere and even the King into believing in something that he was not. But Daniel Fortesque was not a bad man at all but A nervous Fortesque prepares for battle on King's callrather cowardly goof and a charismatic actor. But time now came in which his great reputation would be tested as the peace of Gallowmere was gravely threatened by a devious sorcerer Zarok who was exiled by the King Peregrin and disliked by many nobles including Dan.





Dark Sorcerer Zarok wages war against Gallowmere The so called mighty hero Fortesque led the king’s militia into battle against the hordes of demons, embarrassingly and most inevitably Fortesque fell down in just the first charge of knights against the demons without even engaging in actual combat, all his charms and acts were worthless in the practical battlefield which requires only real heroes and courage. But in the ranks of King Peregrin there were men of courage and strength who were steadfast against the dark army of Zarok and after intense battle eliminated all the demons and defeated the evil Zarok. The victory was not celebrated in Gallowmere as the losses were tremendous, the fraud of Fortesque was exposed to the king Peregrin but being a nice king that he was and a true friend he hid the failure of Fortesque from the people instead made him a legendary heroic martyr.




   Hall of Heroes

In the Afterlife Dan's spirit was denied access in the Hall of Heroes, the eternal abode of the greatest of the heroes who performed valiant and most noblest of deeds during their lifetime, Dan's false fame was only a secret to the mortal world, he was ridiculed, denied and rejected by all  the other great legendary heroes. Now forever cursed in Dan's Cryptthe afterlife due to his falsity in the mortal world Dan laid to rest not in peace with all the shame and embarrassment until came a fateful day, the day that changed everything . . .




A century later the Dark Sorcerer Zarok returned to wreck havoc on the peaceful land of Gallowmere once again, with his extremely powerful dark magic he enchanted the whole lands, summoned the undead, evil creatures and demons to his service and enslaved the people of Gallowmere to his will and declared himself the Dark Lord upon the kingdom of Gallowmere. But the force of good works in strangest of ways the magic of Zarok also brought back to life Daniel Fortesque as a reanimated skeleton warrior. Thus fate being generous granted Daniel Fortesque another chance to redeem himself and have a shot at glory, not such a chance is granted to any other so easily.




After resurrection Dan marches alone against evil forces to show them all that he is a hero Sir Daniel Fortesque sprang back to life with strong determination this time to redeem himself and take a place at the Hall of Heroes. Putting his past behind his back Dan tapped into the well of courage and summoned will-power to prove this time that he can be a true hero for real and took upon himself to go against the insurmountable odds to defeat the Dark Lord Zarok once and for all. Although the chance of redemption has been granted to Dan but victory against an entire evil kingdom with hordes of evil creatures was impossible. But Sir Daniel Fortesque with renewed will, strength and determination marched on his own towards his doom but this time with hope and courage.





Sir Dan destroying the hordes of Undead Sir Dan once again steps into the mortal world to find out that his precious Gallowmere is subjected to dark enchantments, zombies and demonic creatures are roaming around freely so he started his journey upon the lands of Gallowmere to uproot the evils, swinging, slashing and hacking down upon with his sword hordes upon hordes of undead and other evil creatures as he make his way all alone in the lands infested with dark evils.





Dan journeys & fights through enchanted lands of Gallowmere Sir Daniel Fortesque's journey deep into the enchanted lands continue as he encountered and defeated one supernatural foe after another like a one man army Sir Dan went all out against the evil forces of Zarok. With the chalice of souls which he collected on his journeys he was able to go into the Hall of Heroes to gain aid from the heroes of past, some were impressed on Dan's courage and one man stance against the Dark Lord and gave him their powerful weapons, still few others doubted Dan but still gave him their weapons for the sake of good.






Sir Dan vanquishing his evil supernatural foes With his new found strength & courage Sir Dan pierces his way through the dark enchantment as the challenges & circumstances on his path gets bigger & bigger and his foes stronger but Sir Daniel Fortesque with his firm resolute keeps on vanquishing the evil foes, he encounters many magical beings on his vast journey which includes gargoyles, zombies, viscous wolves, scarecrows, evil pumpkinheads, undead soldiers & creatures, ghouls, demons, Imps, ancient foul beasts, mummies, serpent, stone golems, ghost pirates, grimreaper, faeries and witches. Sir Dan destroyed all the evil ones amongst these beings while he was also aided in his quest by the nicer magical beings such as the faeries, grimreaper and the witches in return for Dan's help.  





Sir Daniel Fortesque's epic quest Dan even travelled underground in an ant's nest in his quest to aid the witch of the forest, shrunken to a size of an insect Dan faced the destructive ant nemesis on their home turf and rescued all the faeries from the clutches of the evil ant queen. And yes Sir Daniel Fortesque even confronted and defeated a giant fire-breathing Dragon deep in the mystic crystal caverns, the Sir Knight with stealth and combat ingenuity brought the mighty Dragon to his knees begging for mercy, Dan being the kind and helpful person he is spared the Dragon and received a precious gift from the Dragon which would help him on his mighty quest.






Legendary Sir Daniel Fortesque Hero of Gallowmere Sir Daniel Fortesque was now truly living & undergoing a hero's quest which he bragged about falsely in his past life during the days of the king. Sir Dan journeyed and cleared lands after lands of the dark clouds of Zarok defeating all that is evil in the lands, his one man stance & quest against the Dark Lord's kingdom have already become legendary and his feats is far beyond that of other heroes as it would have taken armies of heroes to go against the Dark kingdom of Zarok but Sir Dan with stealth, ingenuity, resourcefulness, courage and new found strength was able to go so far ahead that he became imminent threat for the Dark Lord Zarok and this would have been more than enough to grant him a place at the Hall of Heroes but as Sir Daniel Fortesque would say "I'll Show Them", to the gargoyles & other heroes who mocked him. He was determined to go the distance and even beyond to complete his quest and to achieve no other hero has achieved before to defeat the Dark Lord & his Dark kingdom on his own.





Sir Dan going against all odds Sir Dan with his might and valor fought his way through the mystic & enchanted lands of Gallowmere to the Lair of Zarok the Dark Lord himself. Amazed and a little scared of his old royal court rival Zarok went all out on Dan before Dan could thwart & destroy Zarok, what followed is an epic final battle between the good and evil. Zarok summoned his army of darkness while Sir Daniel Fortesque with powers of his collected chalices of souls summoned Gallowmere's soldiers of the past, Sir Dan this time like a true captain and military leader of Gallowmere led his army to victory against the army of darkness, after the battle the summoned souls disappeared into eternity. Now the time came for the duel of champions, Sir Dan now the undisputed champion of Gallowmere faced off against the undead Lord Kardok the champion of arms of Zarok, in an epic back & forth knightly duel Sir Daniel Fortesque emerged victorious over the terrifying demonic horseman. Now Zarok was absolutely sickened on the success of Dan that he finally took matters into his own hands, with his sorcery he transformed into a hideous giant beast and fought the final battle against the greatest knight of Gallowmere in the ultimate showdown.


As the raging battle ensued between the Dark Lord and Sir Knight, Zarok have his sorcery and magic for advantage but now Sir Dan has transformed into a master combatant, duelist, strategist & a great hero and finally applying his mastery of weapon combat Sir Dan was able to defeat Zarok and destroy his arch nemesis once and for all. Escaping the tumbling lair of the evil lord Sir Dan reached his crypt his resting place and overlooked the lands of Gallowmere as the sun was shining as brightly as ever all the dark clouds disappeared, the enslaved people of Gallowmere were free and life at Gallowmere was once again peaceful & beautiful.



Sir Daniel Fortesque toasting with comrades at Hall of Heroes Now in the Afterlife the greatest hero of Gallowmere Sir Daniel Fortesque who single-handedly defeated the Dark Lord & his kingdom made his grand entrance into the Hall of Heroes to take his rightful place, Dan is now the hero of heroes more worthier hero than any in the Hall of Heroes, greeted, welcomed, admired & praised by all the other heroes, Sir Dan silenced all his mockers, doubters & critiques by showing them all that he have the heart of hero and by tapping into it he performed legendary heroic feats unsurpassed by any other hero. In the Hall of Heroes Sir Dan enjoyed life alongwith his other comrade heroes eating, drinking, toasting, dancing and playing.


Sir Dan the greatest of the knights