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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Darkside of Sports Entertainment



The Darkside of Sports Entertainment

by The Gunman


Even into the 1800s professional wrestling was huge in its own grace. Back then the sport was in comparison quite popular. Maybe not as humungously popular as now but definitely popular. There has always been something about the people being able to watch people beat up on each other. Back then the Roman gladiator arenas and now the stupendous & fake wrestling shows broadcasted on every sort of technological "Idiot Box". The sport continued to gain extreme followers until around 1920 when the subject of fakery came into play. What fakery was in professional wrestling was the planning of the outcome of fights, the fixing that is.

Promoters suddenly had to work very hard to keep sponsors helping them with funding. Many of the sponsors quickly dropped their support in fear of backlash of the so called fans. No one really knew how the supporters of many years would react to fakery. To the surprise of the sponsors and advertisers it really wasn't long before wrestling started becoming even more popular.




The Strange Transformation of Pro Wrestling into Sports Entertainment & its Rise to Mainstream Media 


In the 1950s when televisions started becoming more popular professional wrestling started to blow up. Now that people could sit at their TVs and watch the action more interesting characters could be formed and as the characters became more interesting word of mouth had more and more viewers tuning in on a weekly basis. The explosion really hit in the 1980s when the big three started competing against one another. One promoter by the name of Mason McMahon aka Vincent Kennedy McMahon set his course to go the distance & to bring about very radical evolutions & revolutions in this form of sport & turn it into a monstrous entertainment business which is mainstream now & very much have a major role in the development of the pop-culture.



In this Era of the new World order the entertainment value in the minds of people is second to none hence the pop-culture phenomenon & entertainment madness spread like a wild jungle fire over the entire earth realm. The minds of people were so captivated that they would rather pay no charity but spend all of their hard earnings for entertainment shows, dumping their money into the laps of entertainment pioneers & actors making them filthy rich & treating them as superhumans or god-like while in reality back in the times the role & status of these entertainers were that of the clowns & jokers. The stars today be them athletes, wrestlers or actors are larger than life.



Many of the top notch stars of the WWe have moved on to build great careers in television and movies. Some of these superstars are Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rowdy Piper, Hulk Hogan and perhaps the wrestler who built the biggest movie career has been The Rock. And so the Sports Entertainment being mainstream like Hollywood became a propaganda machine too strong as pretty politicians buying souls from it are puppets... Who'll find their damn place in line.. But tie a string around your finger boy cause it is just a matter of time cause you got no chance... No chance in hel* (IS THIS A JOKE TO YOU)





The Hypocrisy of this business, the Moral Corruption, & Sadistic Programming & Symbolism


There are tons of hypocritic & sadistic behavior during the course of decades by the wwe, the company's daddy the Mason McMahon, the other major players and overall the sports entertainment business. In the 90s things were getting dirtier & dirtier as the real moral corruption began in the name of competition & entertainment when the WcW fought a war against the WWe, the two masonic entities collided in an epic media war dubbed famously as the "Monday Night Wars". At the end there can be only one powerful masonic entity which would rule the sports entertainment.



The creation of a group by the name of 'new World order' is in itself a clear representation of a radical new take over rising in the chaos, doing all that it pleases in the mean time the thug & the bad boyz mentality appealed to be supremely cool to the youth hence making it to be embracing actually the political agenda is being embraced subconsciously.




As the war between the Separatist Union (WcW) and Republic (WWe) raged on the elements of sex, violence, crime, immorality & perversions also raged on and keeps on increasing in their programming. Till when the WWe hit the roof with scenario changing product the Pornitude Era or simply the Attitude Era.




The perversions were broadcasted routinely & the Mason McMahon family fell so low that they portrayed themselves  dysfunctional family very effectively, propagated that a son & daughter can beat up, abuse & fight their own father & mother, how to mess up blood relations or husband & wife relations, cheating in relations & in general. Lying, cheating, stealing, some elements of incest, sexually perverse behaviors on huge scale, make degenerate behavior look cool & introduced a new level of violence that has its influence on the people.


This is now an open fact that the Sports Entertainment utilizes tons of symbolic representations & subliminal presentations which all relates to ancient pagan religions and the modern day illuminati or whatever they are called the powerful occult organizations, the secret order with their global agendas, their existence cannot be denied so foolishly or by being ignorant as they have come up openly themselves and if there is no such existence then why in the first place their mysterious presence & all of their symbolism is present almost everywhere & on every media. In a recent Steve Austin podcast episode "Confessions of a Jew", Steve Austin being the bold guy that he is dared to ask Paul Heyman the Jew what is it with you people & then in sudden burst Heyman sprouted that his people dominates the blood diamond industry & the world media while creating chaos in the middle-east, Heyman breathed heavily & took some water as if he should not have said that while Austin looks on the heck.


The representation of forces of evil have always been in the Sports Entertainment very emphatically be it the Darksider the Undertaker, the demonic Kane, the beast Brock Lesnar or Bray Wyatt who is much more masonic in nature than the other such characters. And then there is a John Mason aka John Cena who have no charisma whatsoever though fine wrestling skills some how he worked up the ladder right into the inner circle of Mason McMahon and gained biased success, fame & fortune. Propagating nice messages through merchandise but in parallel presenting all the creepy symbolism & subliminal messages such hypocrisy yet many believe that he is a superman for real the goodie two shoes. Lame..!




The consuming Evil & Destruction behind the deathly glamour


The deaths of wrestlers also speak volumes, the tragic death of Owen Hart a real great wrestler though by accident but who knows the sinister ones from amongst the evil corporate ministry may have cut the ropes for their sacrifice. The iconic Ultimate Warrior's strange symbolic speech just before his death, perhaps the most creepiest & bizarre death scenario was of Chris Benoit & his family but mysteriously the scenario is shrouded by dark clouds. Many wrestler's lives were & are a mess & wreck it is not as glamorous as it seems when we see them performing in their prime times, but in the end they are wreck and banged up there are many examples of such wrestlers. WWe is never merciful to its wrestlers or the so called superstars evident from many examples, the rigorous travelling, physical abuse and the drug abuse have its adverse effects on their lives who knows how poorly they were treated in the command & control of a Mason McMahon. WWe also exploit & in some sort of sadistic way they destroy wrestler's personal relationships & marriages for example Marvelous Marc & Sable, Macho Man & Elisabeth, Dustin Runnels & Terri, Chyna & HHH well now in that case the ambitious Mr. Big Nose dumped an amazon for a bitc** sports entertainment princess. Most recently a nude poster boy of a WWe called a Rollins well his case was fully naked & they have successfully planted the seeds of discord amongst some russian couple or whatever, devilish arent they.   



While CM Punk was clever & managed to save his and escaped the torture of the WWe while that pissed the Mason McMahon and his accomplices alot as they took cheap shots, verbal jabs, & taunted him but this is not only in Punk's case whenever a wrestler or announcer speaks his mind or disagree with them they childishly in the most pathetic ways taunt them, deliver verbal jabs & sarcastic remarks like a jealous brat & they call themselves a highly professional sports entertainment company ... Pathetic !

They systematically tarnish a wrestler's reputation or growth whenever they are displeased with whatever reason that seems fit to them, & punishes them by making them the jobbers & with vague matches & performances.



The Continued Hypocrisy & Controversies

Besides the hypocrisy and the evil intent it does not end here but is also found in their internal structure at one end they support anti-bullying organizations & make a wish foundations ofcourse for having a good public face while at the other end racism, bullying, unfairness, favorism & harassment is clearly evident among their internal ranks as there are victims who are wrestlers as well as announcers.


The sports entertainment business have a nag of creating serious controversies and escaping it cleanly as they are backed up by a twentieth degree Mason, from airing on TV Mason McMahon's own death via the exploding limo to other wacky stuff they aired on TV throughout the decades.

Back in the 1980's Vince McMahon was accused of sexual harassment by former referee Rita Chatterton. Chatterton even claimed on the TV show Now It Can Be Told that in 1986 she was raped by Vince McMahon in his limousine after she refused him oral sex. No charges were ever made.

Vince McMahon was also accused of sexual harassment in 2006 by Boca Raton, a tanning bar worker. It was first thought a lie as Mason McMahon was in Miami however it was later revealed he was in Miami the day the incident was reported but not the day before when it was alleged to have taken place. Mason McMahon though has once again escaped any charges. The power of a Mason that is.



Vince McMahon had also come under fire for constantly placing himself into sexual angles with many WWe Divas, including Sable, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Dawn Marie, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, and Jackie Gayda.

Mason McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment as a whole has been the center of controversy in the past, especially in the "Attitude Era" more specifically the "Pornitude Era" of what was the World Wrestling Federation - including D-Generation X for their heavy sexual references, and Stone Cold Steve Austin for his trademark drinking of beer and flipping the middle finger all around.

On the McMahon DVD, Stephanie comments that she had to nix a potential incest angle. According to her, Vince was to reveal himself as the father of her baby; when she said no, he pushed for Shane to be the father, but she turned that idea down as well. She also nixed Vince's idea that her wedding to Triple H be aired live on PPV and said that the only reason Vince ever hired Eric Bischoff was to be able to say that his longtime nemesis once worked for him.




Of course his biggest case of controversy occurred in 1992. The Vince McMahon owned WBF went out of business as alleged steroid abuse among both McMahon's wrestlers and bodybuilders came under scrutiny. Mason McMahon was put on trial in 1994, accused of distributing steroids to his wrestlers.

As a legal move, his wife Linda was made CEO of the then WWF during the trial. He was acquitted of all charges though he admitted to taking steroids himself in the 1980s. The prosecution made Hulk Hogan, who had recently left WWe for WcW, its star witness, and his testimony in the trial severely damaged the two's friendship, even though Hogan's testimony defended McMahon. After Hogan's testimony, McMahon went before the media declaring that he wished that Hogan had not lied about him on the witness stand.

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