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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Perhaps You Should Jingle All Your Way To the New Year




Perhaps You Should Jingle All Your Way To the New Year

by HD


!!...Jingle All The Way...!!


Its the most wonderful time of the year....... With the kids jingle belling.. And everyone telling you "Be good of cheer".... Its the most wonderful time of the year...



OOoohHh YEeeaaAhH ! The time is now the chilling, exciting & thrilling winter season is in the Aiiirr, the holidays are here and the cheer is everywhere ! Put on your gear, keep aside your fear, face the winter & fight off the chill & boast in the frost, there are a hundred ways to enjoy your holiday season and have fun without the sun...!



SinBad the Big Blue & the Original Big Guy Arnie in Jingle All The Way !



For those of you who are feeling sloppy & rusty due to the shivering cold should charge up & get in spirit by watching "Jingle All The Way" featuring your favorite Big Guy or should I say the Original Big Guy Arnold Schwarzenegger in a fantastic & fun role & ofcourse who can forget his compliment the funky & cranky Sinbad the Big Bad Mailman. These two Arnie & SinBad had such a fantastic chemistry that it did wonders in the movie "jINGLE aLL tHE wAY".  





The Big Blue explaining to the Big Guy the true ways of the World of today... Unlike the WWE's pathetic & lame version of this year called Jingle all the way 2 featuring Larry the Freakin Wire Guy & a Comic Relief of a wrestler called a Marella, it is a joke they should not have named it so and ridiculed the legacy of the Original Jingle All The Way, anyway bogus things happen regardless. Coming back to the genuine showdown it was a spectacular family film being funny, hilarious, extra-ordinary with elements of cheer, goodwill & family spirit & also criticizing some social drawbacks & negativity of consumerism which exists in the modern society of today in a fun way. 





The Big Guy being ridiculed by everyone for just  a toy ! Big Deal Arnie the Big Guy was some sort of a businessman, sales manager or a typical corporate agent or whatever as he attends to the calls of his customers & calls all of them his number 1 customer & went so far as to even call his pretty wife too, reflecting the mindset of typical salesmanship based on false flattery. The Big Guy's little son may have been the chosen one in some other iconic Space Opera but in this fun frenzy the cute little kid is son of Arnie and the kid is absolutely captivated by the flashy TV shows, characters & toys specifically the TURBOMAN.






In his quest the Big Guy meets Santa himself perhaps Santa could solve the problem ! Arnie had a perfect little family but he used to neglect his wife & kid being much busy in his work & profession as with most of people today, so in the ongoing holiday season to keep up the Big Guy promises his son the most popular toy the Turboman action figure for Christmas & so begins the quest of the Big Guy to get maybe the most sacred toy of them all. As Arnie hits the market he meets a Big Blue Mailman who was also on the same quest of getting Turboman for his son, the cranky Postman was well aware of the evils & negative methodology of corporate & media culture & the senseless consumerism as he tried to explain it to Arnie but the Big Guy was dumb founded & least concerned.





Arnie confronts the evil Giant Santa The Toy turned out to be short in the market and the Big Guy & the Big Blue both were ridiculed, laughed upon & embarrassed for just a damn toy as Arnie realizes what a dad has to go through for getting a toy for his kid captivated by the magical TV advertisements. Arnie even met a Santa Claus who promised for him what he wants but the Santa turned out to be a crook as he led Arnie to his underground facility having a whole lot of Santas in all sizes & shapes involved in scam christmas toys & items, there are some mean fraudulent who even take advantage of religious festivities, people's emotions & commercialize. Anyway after realizing the Scam of the Santas Arnie fights his way out of the mess in which he even confronted & fought a Giant Santa or more precisely the Bigshow Santa.





The Big Guy finally get his hands on the prize






The Big Guy as Turboman himselfMeanwhile the Big Blue also had hard times in getting the toy as the paths of the Big Guy & Big Blue collides again & again in their quests their rivalry grew, sometimes they team up & mostly both of them tried to trip & out do each other in getting the prize, they went through a lot of troubles & ongoing nuisances & were almost on the verge of ruining their holiday season & perhaps their family lives until their rivalry would lead to the ultimate showdown at the annual parade on the eve of Christmas where fate would place the Big Guy in the gears of Turboman himself to perform heroism against his arch rival the Big Blue in the gears of the villainous Dementor. In the end all ends well in the true spirits of goodwill for everyone including the Big Blue, the Big Guy realizes his family values & his kid realizes that his Dad is the Real Turboman.



Be Good in All Seasons..!



Consumerism is not evil in itself until fueled by greed, & done to an extent beyond genuine needs, rather one should share or give away in good spirits to those who cannot afford for that would bring you true spiritual comfort from within. And Remember your true prize is not the hot or cool items promoted in flashy advertisements but your own modesty & dear ones. Value your family, relatives & friends with sincerity, & be cheerful & share goodwill, respect, love, & care not only in this season but in all seasons...!



The Iconic Jingle All The Way




Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Legend Of A Duck "Howard The Duck" - The Duck Who Saved The Planet




The Legend Of  A Duck  "Howard The Duck" -  The Duck Who Saved The Planet

by HD


Howard the Duck kicking some marvel zombie azz





Howard taking a flight with PhilWhat is reality on any one world is mere fantasy on others ! Here all is real & all is illusion ! What is.. What was.. & What will be start here with the words.. In the beginning there was HOWARD THE DUCK. The cute little guy or to be more precise the cute little Ducky lived some where in the galaxy far far far away.... It was no Duckberg but an entire Planet of The Ducks. Where the little swimming ducks slowly evolved in intelligence, size & shape, patterned exactly after the most ridiculous & hilarious scientific theory on planet earth Why cause apes still exist suckers !




Howard with his human girl friend at a restaurant !?! Anyway as far as the fiction world goes its great & for good or bad the ducks on the Planet of the Ducks lost their wings & can no longer fly yet feathery & cuddly, God took away their ability of flight as Howard would say but in Howard's case he cannot even swim its not that he cant but he didnt learn or just dont like swimming. Much like humans the duck race on the Planet of the Ducks modernized with time, & developed into sophisticated societies, the ducks stood around 3ft tall & in Howard's case he was 3ft 2in tall, the pop culture running wild in their societies Howard was like any other blue-collar American, living a life on his own until something happened something big happened for him.





Howard the Duck saving some radical damsel in distress






Howard & Beverly seems bored...Howard The Duck was originally a colorful & fun comic character and did some crazy stuff & then came a motion picture in 1986 under productions of Lucasfilm of Star Wars saga. Although the movie "Howard the Duck" was no big hit but it did appealed to the many. Regardless of the dorky & nerdy critiques who bashed the movie or perhaps it was Donald Duck himself who conspired to defame his soon to be greatest rival Howard. Despite that the film was liked by many young ones including yours truely and specially the character Howard himself developed a cult like following from that era, the golden era when pop culture was evolving & we all witnessed it first hand. Anyway Howard did pull out some whacky stuff back then & ofcourse it was the 80s not the age of fanciful animations & tech of today.




Lookout He is Dangerous.. Not to be confused with his cute looks he can whoop some serious azz..




Howard the Duck the Duck who saved a planet What happened was that Howard the Duck was sucked into some sort of space wormhole & transported to The Planet of the Humans "Earth". What then started is a cute little story, the little ducky was confused, scared & rattled in the new world all alone until Howard the master of "Quack Fu" the duck version of Kung Fu saved a pretty damsel called Beverly from thugs. Impressed by the Little Guy's skills in Quack Fu martial arts and ultimately grateful for saving her Beverly took pity on the cute & cuddly little Ducky who was all alone & took Howard with her for shelter. This was the beginning of a great friendship until there further adventures lead them to face a horrible evil threatening all mankind. An other worldly entity arrived to earth just like Howard most probably from amongst the demon race who were banished to farther galaxies long ago by the forces of light so that humans could inhabit Earth. The little guy Howard confronted this evil overlord & single-handedly defeated it and saved his friend Beverly and the planet earth from the invasion of demons & set an example where there is courage then size doesnt matter, a feat not even Donald Duck has ever performed.


After an age Howard reappeared in the marvel's latest film "Guardians of the Galaxy" at the end passing comments on a ravaged Collector. For if this generation do not know who he his, for us know exactly who he is, he is Howard The Duck. 



Howard the Duck in Baddazz mode !