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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Real Power Houses of Modern Prowrestling



The Real Power Houses of Modern Pro-Wrestling

by The Dan Man



This one is interesting as we have seen many popular wrestlers come and go while achieving extra-ordinary physical feats in the ring, be it in WCW or WWE.

These super humans are for real and their physical strength is way beyond average wrestler, their show of strength left the people in awe and amazement and their feats became legend.

But the question is that who is the strongest of them all, obviously there could be stalemates between some but we are going to find out through the in-ring achievements and performance of these monstrous power houses who displayed their raw power and shook arenas.



The Hulkster (Hulk Hogan)


Hogan vs Andre the Giant

The Immortal Hulk Hogan's epic battle with Andre the Giant set the grand stage of WrestleMania III on fire, this was the match which solidified the legend of WrestleMania itself and iconic status of Hulk Hogan.

Though we can see Hogan's not looking that small standing against Andre the Giant but he did slammed the mighty Andre  who weighed atleast over 500 pounds and shook the arena as hulkamania ran wild on WrestleMania III.




The Ultimate Warrior


Ultimate Warrior Vs Hogan

 The Ultimate Warrior was also a very popular wrestler of the golden age of wrestling, back in those days his popularity began to rival that of Hulk Hogan himself. Ultimate Warrior was a bodybuilder and besides his beastly display of strength in the ring he had a tremendous stamina. He gorilla pressed the Hulkster himself and he also slammed Andre the Giant. Warrior clashed with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI, the arena erupted as two mightiest wrestling heroes went on muscle for muscle, after a back and forth battle Warrior emerged as a clean victor.





The Undertaker (The Deadman)


The Undertaker

 The Legendary Undertaker is the most intimidating and scariest wrestler of all time. This near seven footer is very strong as he chokeslammed super duper heavy weights like Yokuzuna, King Mable and Vader, though it weren't full scale chokeslams but still big feats. Besides this he got an extreme level of endurance taking hits after hits and not showing any emotion or pain just like a big zombie, the Undertaker was an unstoppable demon during his prime.




Ahmed Johnson


Ahmed Johnson

The Power House Ahmed Johnson was doing well in the mid and late nineties in the WWF (now WWE), this strong guy slammed Yokuzuna who was billed over six hundred pounds so if not six hundred he could be atleast over five hundred pounds anyway this power house never got to play the big game as he was held back in WWF as well as in WCW.




Lex Luger aka Total Package


Lex Luger vs Yokuzuna Lex Luger was a bodybuilder with an impressive ripped body and tremendous power, he slammed the great super duper heavy weight Yokuzuna on multiple occasions and he had been a major player in WWE and also in WCW as Total Package, though later he got thrashed by the mighty Goldberg but in his prime he was stud of a wrestler.





John Cena

John Cena double FU

Well this fellow is currently on big roll in the WWE and he is the heart favorite of many gals and kids, he is John Cena though lighter than other power houses but surprisingly this guy possess incredible strength as evident when he delivered a double FU at Mania carrying the Bigshow and at the same time Edge on his back that makes it almost 750 pounds, pretty strong haah !!







Dave Batista

The Animal Batista was the man who along with John Cena ran the show after the end of Austin and the Rock's era. This jacked up animal used to have freaky huge muscles and his broad shoulders reminded me of M.Bison a fictional character from the Street Fighter. Batista was on a big roll 5 or 6 years ago he won the rumble eliminating Cena and headlined wrestlemanias, he had intense rivalries and great matches with the likes of Triple H, The Undertaker and the Bigshow. Dave was doing great until he quitted WWE  due to backstage issues, the dirty power politics of WWE had stung many others before including the great Hitman but that was a whole different scenario.







Mark Henry

This rhinoceros of a man with seemingly a very thick skin is billed in the WWE as the world's strongest man, as he had won several strong man competitions. Well now what more can I say, his achievements in the strong man competitions cry out loud while he had also shown his scary strength in the ring on many occasions.   





KANE The Big Red Monster


Kane's Wrath When Kane made his debut at a pay per view event called Badd Blood back in October 1997, he ripped off the Hell in a Cell gate and laid waste to the Undertaker costing him the victory over a bloody and battered Shawn Michaels. The Giant Red Demon emerged from exploding fires as his fiery awesome presence was noted by everyone in the arena who were in awe. Kane shared the same intense threshold for pain as the Undertaker taking hits after hits with chairs and pipes but he rose again and again to crush his nemesis. Back in the late nineties Kane was a destructive and powerful force who laid waste to anyone in his path, he use to double chokeslam two guys at the same time with each of his hands and his thunderous spike tombstone was a disastrous move which was later banned by the WWE. Kane was the man who deserved much more from the WWE but they never gave him, instead they turned his awesome character into a promotional machine for other rising superstars and in some cases undeserving wrestlers while Kane loyally and humbly did whatever the WWE asked him to do, but honestly speaking Kane deserved much more but its too late he has passed his prime time. This big red monster of a man reportedly had been the backstage champion of arm wrestling and has even defeated Brock Lesnar in an arm wrestling match.







Bigshow thrashes Khali Well he is the Bigshow alright and the current largest wrestler being a seven footer and weighing five hundred pounds Bigshow is the elephant of WWE.

Bigshow can topple automobiles and could bring down the Titan Tron and he throws heavyweight wrestlers like rag dolls all around the ring. The gigantic Bigshow possess the strength of a true giant.






BiLL Goldberg


Mighty Goldberg The Man Goooldberrrrg !!! is arguably the strongest wrestler of all time. Goldberg wrecked havoc in WCW and was unstoppable, no one was able to pick clean victory over him back in WCW if I remember correctly. But WCW did exaggerated his hype a bit and presented him as invincible, the great moves of other great wrestlers seem to have no effect on him now come on ! have a little respect for others too. Besides Goldberg shook the arena when he lifted and jack-hammered the five hundred pound Giant aka Bigshow with accuracy and thrashed him, that became the single greatest display of tremendous strength and power in pro-wrestling ring. This Bull of a wrestler possess a super-fit body and super human strength which he displayed on many occasions. 









Big Brock Lesnar Goldberg was considered the strongest until this man the Big Brock Lesnar made his entry into the WWE. This ultimate powerhouse possess demonic strength and power and besides that he has super-tough muscular body and massive stamina and agility. Brock Lesnar quickly rose to the top like no other in the WWE and became the youngest undisputed world champion defeating the Great One The Rock in an epic back and forth match. From then onwards Brock Lesnar rivaled with many great and powerful superstars and his supernatural strength completely dominated all of them. Brock Lesnar was the only man I have ever seen to throw around the Big Show like a rag doll in the ring, delivering suplex after suplex and ofcourse his finisher the F5 tornado, I mean come on it was the Bigshow's role to throw people around, anyway Lesnar did surprised the Bigshow. In short, understanding the usual in-ring performances Brock Lesnar is probably the strongest wrestler.






The Clash of The Strongest

Lesnar & Goldberg locking horns


Well well well !! this could have been easily one of the greatest match ever at WrestleMania XX as both Super strong wrestlers Brock Lesnar and Goldberg were set to go strength for strength but damn it ! it was all ruined due to several factors, the fans were absolutely displeased with both Lesnar and Goldberg and booed them, as they both were departing from the WWE, Lesnar was leaving to pursue a career in NFL and it seemed that the Next Big Thing of the WWE turned into the Next Big Bi*** for the WWE and the fans, the wrestling fans have always been hardcore they wouldn't accept any back turning or rubbish from their superstars, the fans also have a wild history of turning their backs as they turned on Hulk Hogan maybe due to boredom..LOL! but Hogan seized the opportunity and jumped to WCW and turned into one of the greatest heel ever Hollywood Hogan and continued his wrestling career, he was genius. The fans turned on the Hitman but the poor Hitman was later absolutely crippled after the Screw Job! he had no idea and he wasn't able to get up like Hogan did, then the fans turned on the Great One The Rock most probably because he was giving much time to movies and from then onwards the things between the fans and the Rock changed entirely, poor Rock may have got his feelings hurt so for his sake he dumped wrestling and the wrestling fans for good.

Now enough of the love-hate relationship between the fans and the wrestlers and coming back to the topic if things would have been different Lesnar surely would have won the match against Goldberg, as for strength against strength goes Lesnar seemed a little stronger than Goldberg, while locking horns which was for real Goldberg slanted a lot trying to push but to no avail while Brock's position was much more vertical similarly there were other hints in the match. Also Stone Cold should not have been there as the match referee in order to keep the full highlight on the match alone, but sadly the match had to go on in the dumps and as far as Lesnar's decision to leave the WWE was concerned it was his decision alone and no fan or any other person have the right over his life but he himself. Anyway Brock Lesnar is still the star as he is putting up a tremendous show in the UFC and he proved that he is indeed a great athlete with the heart of a real strong fighter.  











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