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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lord of The Rings - How it Relates to "Real Life"




Lord of The Rings - How it Reflects Upon "Real Life"



The Lord of the Rings have strong reflection upon the real life and the ongoing struggle between good & evil, here is what all the races, some characters & places may represent in "Real Life" or what J.R.R. Tolkien may have based his ideas on.



Isildur High King of Gondor seduced by evil Ring

Men :

represent the men of the world. They are seen as the superior & more dominant. Some are power hungry and all are always trying to be the better man; yet they too have their weaknesses and are easily tempted by evil of power and lust, as seen in Isildur, Boromir & the Nazguls as they were easily tempted when they all gave in to the power of the Ring.


Aragorn the heir of Isildur & righteous hero amongst men

Although some men are strong-willed, righteous and can hold true if they chose the right path, as seen in Aragorn. Some are afraid to admit who they are; as seen in Aragorn as Strider & Faramir due to their humble nature as both men were royalty.





Hobbits :


Frodo & Sam the bravest of the Hobbits  represent the women & children of the world. They are seen as the weaker & more submissive; but they are a lot stronger then given credit for. More in tune with nature & the prettier things in life. Some however can become greedy & malicious as seen in the Sackville Bagginses. Most are strong @ heart as seen in Frodo & Sam & always see the light @ the end of the tunnel. They like adventures & always are on the go as seen in Bilbo. They like to have a good time in everything they do and most of all can turn the tide of the struggle between good and evil if be determined to serve the good side and being good & simple at heart.





Elves :

Legolas the elven hero who fought against forces of Sauron  represent the good in all of us, fighting to prevail in our battle within. Elves are said to have stars in their hair & eyes, I think that this is our inner light, our good side shining through all of us. Like when we pray to God with sincerity and when we are honest toward ourselves & others, being kind & helpful to our kins, friends and others, or we are just in a happy and positive mood we radiate positivity & are "glowing".




Orcs :

Orcs servants of Sauron  represent the evil in us all, fighting to prevail in our battle within. Orcs are ugly & nasty. Kinda like we are if we are in a bad mood & don't want to be bothered we lash out at those around us, wanting to hurt anyone that we can because we are hurting, being unkind to others and giving in to the evil & ugliness of malice.




Dwarfs :

Gimli the mighty Dwarf hero  represent the greed & anger in us all, but also the willingness to forgive & forget, as seen with Gimli who in the beginning hates the elves but learns to forgive them because of his friendship with Legolas & his admiration of Galadriel. Such basic human emotions can be channeled the right way to serve the good and develop character.





The Ring/Dark Lord : 

Sauron the Enemy  represents the devil. Dark & evil, he resides in the black land of Mordor land of evil. Sauron the Dark Lord is the source of all evil in middle earth as the devil is here on earth, always scheming to conquer and enslave all to his evil will, just like the devil the ultimate deceiver & enemy of humankind who only seeks to lead all astray through his cunning seduction towards all sorts of evil deeds. 





Gandalf the White :

Gandalf the White  represents saint. He is the strongest of all the heroes and an agent of good, roaming and wandering the middle earth as an agent of good always guiding the beings of middle earth to do the right thing and struggling and fighting in the cause to prevail good over evil. 





Middle Earth :


represents our battle-field within, the human conscience. We are all fighting for what we believe, either good or evil, be it truth or falsehood. The black land of Mordor represents those human hearts that are black with sins & corruption while the green-fields of Middle-Earth represents the radiant beauty of those hearts that are pure, true and are source of comfort and good.





Gollum :

Gollum-Smeagol  represents the two sides of our battle within, Smeagol, the good side & Gollum, the bad side. Some of us may be torn as to who is right & who is wrong or which side to chose. J.R.R. Tolkien shows this battle raging in all of us perfectly with Gollum/Smeagol and his fight to be freed of the power of the ring & his need to have the ring.





The Nazguls :

Ringwraiths the servants of evil  represent the devil’s minions or demons. They are controlled by the power of the Ring & they can always sense it. They will do whatever Sauron tells them to do because he controls the ring. Similarly the demons be it amongst humans or spirits are agents of evil, servants of the devil as devil controls their heart, aimed to spread falsehood & corruption, to harm & destroy people in one way or the other.

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