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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pacific Rim: The Epic Proportion Sci-Fi is More Than Just Giant Robots Versus Monstrous Aliens



 Gipsy Danger the American-made deadly beauty along with badazz Striker Eureka & other Jaegars set off to battle the Kaijus




Pacific Rim: The Epic Proportion Sci-Fi is More Than Just Giant Robots Versus Monstrous Aliens

By The Gunman


The Mighty Kaiju Trespasser trespasses into our world from some other dimensional gate beneath the oceans         A Kaiju breaks the protective walls & enters Sydney for destruction











Kaiju Onibaba wrecking havoc somewhere in Japan Enter the world of the "Kaijus" the titanic beasts & the "Jaegars" the giant robotic hunters. The Pacific Rim is a realization of a fantasy of any giant-monster movie fan. The film is a treat for those who spent their childhood watching the Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs, and the Power Rangers. The heroic giant Jaegars are a a great representation of such jewels of the past on a much bigger level & screen. Similarly the Godzilla & Kaiju fans would also find it to be refreshing & exhilarating as a new band of Kaijus the super giant beasts averaging over 300 foot are introduced. The plot is also genuinely good and new as these Kaiju Titans are the weapons of mass destruction or should I say weapons of mass wreckage of an alien race beyond some other physical dimension. Unlike aliens or monsters invading from space here the monsters are emerging from an inter-dimensional rift deep in the Pacific ocean bed. The Humans counter these gigantic beasts with all their military might but ends up demolishing their own cities & people on huge scale hence the world came up with the Jaegar program, the giant robots almost as huge as the Kaijus themselves, piloted by humans and built for combating and hunting down the mighty Kaijus without causing much destruction to human resources. Hence the battle between the heroic Jaegars and the destructive Kaijus rages on...



  Gipsy Danger battles a titanic category 3 Kaiju Knifehead somewhere in the middle of the sea





Gipsy Danger shoots plasma cannon at Kaiju Knifehead during a vicious fight "Pacific Rim", this offering by director Guillermo Del Toro is an action-packed blockbuster. Audiences have been wowed by this movie after its hotly anticipated release. Visually stunning thanks to a heavy helping of CGI, "Pacific Rim" is filled with spectacular fight scenes and tremendous backdrops. The intense element of CGI in the Pacific Rim is a vital factor for transporting the audience from their cinema seats into the apocalyptic world. It's also available to watch in 3D, which really gives it an extra dimension. Del Toro has created a movie which truly comes to life. It is a form of escapism from humdrum everyday occurrences, even if only for little over two hours.





Striker Eureka the ultimate Kaiju azz whooping machine whacking the crap out of a category 4 Kaiju Just Like That ! The cast are in no way overshadowed by the use of special effects and does a fantastic job of making the audience feel a part of the action. Charlie Hunnam (from "Green Street," & "Children of Men") is convincing in his role as Raleigh Becket, a retired pilot called back into action to help control a Jaeger. Idris Elba (from "Prometheus," & "Thor") brings a believable air of authority to the role of Becket's commanding officer, Stacker Pentecost. Becket's co-pilot, Mako Mori, is played by Rinko Kikuchi (from "Babel," & "The Sky Crawlers") who delivers a feisty, tough attitude and is, refreshingly, seen as an equal to the male characters. All in all the cast does a great job of convincing the audience that they really have been pulled from the cinema into the frantic world of "Pacific Rim."





Otachi & Leatherback double teaming and destroying Cherno Alpha like a bi**h The movie itself is more geared towards the big special effects and action scenes, but it still manages to deliver a good plot, which is centered on the battle to save the world. It isn't too hard to follow and will appeal to both teenagers and adults alike. The characterization of the Kaijus and Jaegars are also emphasized in a neat way. The Kaijus are divided into categories as according to their size, weight ,toxicity and strength and given code names accordingly. Category 3 Kaijus like Knifehead who almost defeated Gipsy Danger in a solo combat in a titanic battle, similarly the Category IV Kaijus the deadly tag team of Leatherback & Otachi obliterated the Chinese Jaegar Crimson Typhoon & Russian Jaegar Cherno Alpha like rag dolls, were the most formidable of Kaijus until came the final trio of Kaijus two of them were category IV Raiju & Scunner and the biggest & the baddest of them all at almost 600 foot the category V Kaiju Slattern.





Kaiju Otachi prepares to attack the battle-ready Crimson Typhoon Similarly the Jaegars are also categorized as according to Mark technology & classification, each having its unique arsenal of weapons and combat abilities. A solo human is unable to handle the mental strain of piloting the Jaegar, so the Jaegers must be controlled by two pilots. These pilots are required to develop a neural bridge between their minds for the Jaegers to replicate, as they defend themselves against the Kaiju. Pentecost summons Becket out of retirement to take the helm of Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger he once piloted with his now-deceased brother. The only suitable candidate to co-pilot the Gipsy Danger is Mori, who just so happens to be Pentecost's adoptive daughter. The movie follows their battle to save mankind from extinction.



  Gipsy Danger wrestles with Category 4 Kaiju Leatherback




At times, the plot does seem to dwindle, and the movie appears to become one big shoot-em-up between the giants and the monsters, but the intense action scenes, which are made even more heart-stopping through the use of the visual effects, more than make up for this. Del Toro has also ensured that the movie isn't simply set in one location, as the action happens in a variety of countries all over the world. This gives the movie a more authentic feeling and reels in the audience even further.




The Winged Fury Otachi takes Gipsy Danger for a ride Given that the plotline is essentially robotic giants versus monstrous aliens, viewers probably won't be expecting the movie to convey any meaningful message. However, there is more to this blockbuster than first meets the eye. Scratch a little under the surface, and it becomes apparent that there are several underlying themes. First and foremost is the idea that science and technology has evolved far enough to become a tool that can be used for the good of mankind. "Pacific Rim" also celebrates human individuality but at the same time shows that humans rely on each other to progress through life. Finally, it shows the strength of human courage and just how strong people are in the face of adversity if we are disciplined & united for the cause of good.




Striker Eureka confronts the mightiest Kaiju of them all Slattern The Final showdown is as epic as some Jabroni wrestling fanatics would say the showcase of the immortals, as if the Olympians are taking on the Titans in a truly Giants versus Monsters finale. The power duo of the two best Jaegars the badazz Striker Eureka & the deadly beauty Gipsy Danger takes on the elite trio of the mightiest Kaijus, the biggest and the baddest category V Kaiju Slattern, his category IV little brother Scunner and a rabid category IV Kaiju Raiju. While Gipsy does a number on Scunner until ambushed by Raiju, as Gipsy squares off against the odds, Striker Eureka the strongest of the Jaegars takes on the mightiest of the Kaijus Slattern, though Slattern was almost thrice the size of Striker Eureka but Striker a badazz that it was went toe to toe with the biggest Kaiju and started ripping & slashing the mighty Slattern with its sting blade fighting techniques, Slattern shocked, surprised & in pain called for help as if calling its mommy, its little brother Scunner came to aid. As Gipsy finally disposes off Raiju, Striker in a self-explosion thermonuclear attack takes out Scunner while severely injuring the mighty Slattern. The heroic pilot of Gipsy Danger in the end finishes off Slattern while ending the alien threat by destroying the inter-dimensional gateway. 



Gipsy Danger about to slash away Raiju



"Pacific Rim" is reminiscent of a few other science fiction movies from which Del Toro has obviously taken inspiration, such as the war-torn planet of "Alien" and the occasionally confusing plot of "Inception." Even taking this into account, "Pacific Rim" is unlike any movie that has been released in the last few years. The superb visual effects alone make it stand out from the crowd, but add in Del Toro's ingenuity alongside the brilliant cast, and the outcome is a fantastic movie that is sure to pave the way for others like it. "Pacific Rim" is testament to his own love of the Kaiju (super monster) genre. His passion and knowledge for the subject really shine through.



The Kaiju azz kicker Striker Eureka

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